Motherlode is:

Chris will Chuck
(of Greyboy Allstars)
(of TJ Kirk, Frequinox)
CHUCK PRADA, Percussion
(of Black Eyed Peas)
Cheme Adam
(of 20th Congress & F4)
Erik Bolivar, Drums
(of Bonerama)
(of Greyhounds)

'Motherlode' is a Greasy Soul Funk all star band which features what are considered some of the hottest musicians on the Jam-Jazz-Funk scene today. This band was brought together by Cochemea Gastelum and Boom Boom Room (S.F.) for its first manifestation as a group in October 2005 for Boom Boom Room Presents Katrina Benefit Festival ("Frequinox Music Festival"). It is an evolved creation drawing its members and origin from the band 'MOTHERLODE' which had originally began in the mid nineties as part of a D.J. night at the original Casbah in San Diego.

What started out as an underground hang for local hipsters and vinyl junkies, quickly became a collective of young(some too young to drink),punk rock/funk musicians playing solos to 60's and 70's funk and boogaloo records. Soon after, Motherlode was formed as the house band, playing live versions of rare, classic soul and funk. Soon, they were packing the club and gaining recognition quickly. The members, at one time or another, included: Robert Walter, Zak Najor, Cochemea " Cheme" Gastelum, Chris Stillwell, Printz Board and Brian Jordan.

AND now… Motherlode' has quickly surfaced and made a huge splash with an ever escalating 'buzz' surrounding their recent shows in SF. They are necessarily the band to see if you are a fan of solid groove music and electric Funk Rhythms that don't stop comin' at ya! Without hesitation in dropping into its eclectic mix of fiery tunes by legendary forefathers of Funk and Soul-Jazz such as Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy Smith and David Fathead Newman, 'Motherlode' absolutely took the crowd by its ears and propelled these elated revelers into an awe induced trance that brought the entire audience of over 600 revelers to its feet in a dance frenzy that lasted the entire show! To say that this band "nailed it" is a massive understatement of accolades.

Blending Soul-Jazz, Funk and Afro-Beat with Rock and Fused with an endless onslaught of perfectly placed solos which the band trades effortlessly from one outstanding body-moving groove to the next, Motherlode has already earned top marks with the S.F. music community and has launched itself into the realm of the modern greats of these genre-blending bands such as GALACTIC, GREYBOY ALLSTARS and OZOMATLI.

This sensational group of musicians which hail under the name 'Motherlode' dazzles its crowds with a blend of songs, musical styles and sounds uniquely their own. Hailing from such bands as GREYBOY ALLSTARS, ROBERT WALTERS 20th CONGRESS, BLACK-EYED PEAS, TJ KIRK, GARAJ MAHAL, The FUGEES and LETTUCE, the individual members of Motherlode are at the top of their game.

Collectively this band of musicians is a wonder to see and should you be so lucky to do so, it is adamantly advised that you catch this band now: As they are on a fast –track upwards towards stardom. "This is an Old-school Funky-Ass All-Pro Groovin' Unit together as 'Motherlode' throwin' it down in the pocket so tight: you can't even begin to fathom what energy they emit from the stage with their music…but you certainly dare not miss it."